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Country : Malaysia
  • Full-time

Automation Quality Assurance Analyst

We are a Software Testing and Accountancy company that provides these two services as a solutions to our customers and clients. Our area of specialization are more towards to functional and non functional testing. On top of this, we do also provide software testing consultancy services to our customers and clients as well.


NOTE: For expats applying, please ensure that you are currently residing in Malaysia. Expats whom are currently not residing in Malaysia will not be considered for the role.

The job requirements for this is fairly simple :- 

  1. Proficient in the field of automation (with a minimum of 2 years experience) 
  2. Has the ability to script in Java (or in any other scripting languages) 
  3. Knowledge and the know-hows of any automation tool (i.e. Selenium, or other paid automation tools) 

If you see yourself fit for this role, do let us know and a corrospondent at our end will be in touch. Would be appreciated if you could include in your dossier that consist of your resume and a single page cover letter (in document format) when applying. (NOTE: Please also include in your Skype account name in the resume so a personnel at our end will be in touch with you)


All of the above as stated in the responsibilities. Please note that this position will be based with our client and they will only accept a test consultant from our end that matches the criteria above as a whole. The option of learning from the job will not be applicable for this post. Kindly be informed. We are looking for a maximum headcount of 5 in total.


1 - 8000 MYR

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