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Country : Malaysia
  • Full-time

Full Stack Rails Developer

We are Suria Labs, a full-stack development and consultancy shop based in our spanking new office in the MSC Cybercity of Bangsar South.  Our specialty is in crafting web and mobile applications using cutting-edge technologies such as Ruby on Rails and React Native.

​​Both our local and international clients want the same thing- quality, robust and sustainable software that runs smoothly and is easy to maintain and further develop.  We deliver this time and time again by using test-driven-development, daily code review and an established agile project management methodology.

Our consultancy arm of over 10 years of experience is often sought after by startup founders looking to create an MVP.  We assist in market validation, product ideation and turning ideas into blueprints that are often presented to potential investors.  We help founders avoid common technology pitfalls and refer them to best-practice solutions to their problems.

​​We are a team of sharp, professional, inquisitive and unstoppable individuals who make up a highly oiled machine that is Suria Labs.  There has never been a time where we have shied away from a challenge too difficult or a problem too complex.  It is our insatiable appetite to succeed that is the driving force behind every project.   Our vision is to become one of the world's leading development shops and we intend to achieve this one app at a time.

​​Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. 
​--Martin Fowler


  • Building front end and back end based on client requirements
  • Learning new technologies that will work towards solving the problem
  • Optimizing code or algorithms to boost performance
  • Contribute towards bi-weekly learning/training sessions
  • Implementing front end web pages (bonus: and mobile screens) based on designs, process flows and wireframes
  • Working with design team by providing inputs on the difficulty & limitations to their designs
  • Discussing with clients to understand their requirements and preferences
  • Consulting clients on best practices and latest technologies


  • Malaysian citizen (as we have not obtained MSC status yet, we are restricted to only hiring local talent)
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Experience in: Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap/Foundation, Sass
  • Confident to implement any screen our design team creates
  • Proficient at coding responsive pages
  • Comfortable communicating ideas or deliverables to team and clients


  • Knowledge in: React Native, ReST APIs, Flexbox, Angular.Js
  • Experience working with Heroku and AWS
  • Experience in test driven development
  • Experience in an agile environment and with the Scrum Methodology


3000 - 8000 MYR

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