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HelloGold is a retail financial services platform that enables mass market consumers to access microsavings in investment grade gold through a mobile app. The mobile app allows users to save, borrow and send gold at US$10 per transaction. HelloGold users have the opportunity to better preserve and diversify their wealth as well as the ability to collateralize their gold to have access to short term financing.

The three overarching problems HelloGold solves are that

• There is an over-reliance on cash for savings,
• Credit facilities are not available to the mass market at affordable pricing, and
• Investment grade gold remains inaccessible and expensive for the mass market

HelloGold makes gold affordable by allowing its users to buy very small weightage per purchase at international spot prices. Customers have direct ownership of the gold they buy. The gold bullion is stored in a vault in Singapore fully insured against physical loss, and is fully redeemable as physical bars and coins, cash, or as jewelry.

HelloGold collaborates with channel partners such as financial institutions, mobile network carriers and other businesses who share our target customer profiles for customer acquisition. HelloGold is working with a gold provider that assists in the procurement, sale, storage and insurance of gold.

HelloGold targets two key market segments: the consuming middle class and the emerging middle class. In Malaysia, these two groups comprise 43% of the total labour force of 13.7m people. They saved approx. $18b in 2015, of which we estimate that $11b was in cash deposits .

The country’s sizeable target segment for HelloGold and its high smartphone penetration of 190% are clear advantages in launching HelloGold in Malaysia. Perhaps, more importantly, given that HelloGold is the first Shariah compliant digital gold scheme in the world that is fully compliant with the new emerging standard on gold for saving and for lending, we believe it is strategically sound to initially offer HelloGold in one of the most advanced Islamic finance markets in the world.

As HelloGold progresses, the expectation of the founders is that the company will expand its product set. For example, HelloGold will target segments such as the bottom-of-the- pyramid with products tailored to address the saving needs of these consumers. This will address a real need in Malaysia while expanding the core revenue stream of the business.
The team consists of ex-regulators, business experts and technologists who have direct experience in general management, financial management, Islamic finance, payments and settlement systems, business development, programming, blockchain technology, financial messaging standards, operations management, financial inclusion, micro-credit, compliance, risk and audit.

We are now hiring beyond our core team as we prepare for our launch in Q3 2016

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