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Summary Info

In the 1.5 years since our launch, LunchClick has carved out
a name for itself as South East Asia’s most trusted dating app. We’re passionate about
bringing singles together, and we hold ourselves to high standards – which is
why we’re looking to recruit the best possible people to be part of our A team.
If we offer you a position in our company, it means that we see the potential
in you. We believe in training and grooming our people, and as long as you have
the attitude and aptitude, we’ll push you to new heights and achieve great
things together.

Our Mission

Our Mission: One million happy marriages!



we can offer:

  • A great working environment. No second-guessing. No rumours. Just honest conversations.

    Because a good associate-employer relationship runs on the same foundation that

    any other relationship does: communication.
  • Flexibility. Which

    other company lets you spend your benefits however you want? If you don’t fall

    sick and don’t need to pay for your doctor’s fees, good for you. You’re free to

    use your benefits on literally anything else, including your amazing villa

    complete with infinity pool in Bali.
  • Camaraderie. If you’re

    a naturally sulky, grumpy, pessimistic person, you’ll find it hard to fit in.

    We’re always joking, having fun, having a laugh together. We work together, we

    have potlucks together, we go for karaoke together, and above all, we leave no

    man behind. That’s why we call it a family!

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