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PopDQ is a knowledge sharing app that gives users cash incentives for asking and answering questions to celebrities, experts and professionals.

Pop Questions!
Are you Curious enough? Then this is THE chance for you to ask your favorite celebrities any question - and get answers immediately! No representatives, just real personalities. And yes, you can ask as many questions as you want and expect good answers!

Need an advice or a second opinion? Our panel of experts are ready to answer you on-the-go, be it a question on medical, legal, investment, feng shui, marriage, cooking, DIY, beauty or fashion! Ask them anything, but perhaps not sensitive questions on God or religion.

Answer Questions!
Doctor, educator, scientist, designer, investor… if you’re an expert in your field, then you probably Know-it-all! We welcome you to be part of the PopDQ panel of experts. We only need 60 seconds of your time to answer a question directed to you by our Curious community users, based on your knowledge and expertise.

You can set your own price for answering questions, or do it for free. Answers can be delivered in the form of text, voice audio or even a video recording - you’ll decide what’s best for you.

And, if you are keen to view or listen to other Q&As posted by other users on this app, you may do so by paying a small, minimal fee. Best part, you’ll be able to retrieve all of your purchased.

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